マサチューセッツ州ボストン、2011年11月15日―マーケットリサーチ会社Infonetics Research によリリースされたベンダーマーケット報告Optical Network Hardware 2011年第3期分(3Q11)より抜粋。


「Cisco社は、第3四半期は光ネットワーク機器マーケットにとって良い時期ではなかったにもかかわらず、光ネットワーク機器収益(+46%)を引き続き伸ばしWDM機器販売については北米市場で伸ばした。」Andrew Schmitt主席アナリストはInfonetics Research にて光ネットワーク業界を分析する。


  • 他社が下降する中、Huawei社は光ネットワークハード機器マーケットでの首位の座を強め、国際的収益を前年度の同じ時期より23%上げた。
  • WDMSDH/SONET 機器を含むグローバル光ネットワーク機器マーケットでは2011年第2期の12%増加をピークとして、2011年第3期では2期より4%下げ、3.5億ドルから3.4億ドルへ。
  • 2010年第3期より2011年第3期まで12ヶ月支出平均はプラスに留まっている(今期に上昇はストップしたが)、光ネットワーク機器マーケットは全体で5%上昇。
  • 今期のブライトスポットは、国際的な収益は2010年第3期から2011年第3期に18%上げたWDM光ネットワーク機器。
  • ROADM ネットワーク機器消費は2011年第3期に前期より4%上げ、特に出荷は1月から9月までの昨年の同時期9ヶ月間に比べると43%アップと大きく伸ばした。
  • 北アメリカはCisco社, Nokia Siemens Networks社, ADVA社によって比較的良いパフォーマンスを押さえた。
  • アジアでは、日本は良い結果だったが中国では光ネットワークマーケット関連は芳しくなかった。


Infonetics' quarterly Optical Network Hardware report tracks Adtran, ADVA, Alcatel-Lucent, BTI, Ciena, Cisco, ECI, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Huawei, Infinera, NEC, Nokia Siemens Networks, Nortel, Sycamore, Tellabs, Transmode, Tyco, ZTE, and others. The report provides worldwide and regional vendor market share, market size, and analysis (forecasts published Nov. 23). Equipment tracked: metro and long haul optical network equipment, including SONET/SDH (ADMs/terminals, metro MSPPs, crossconnects), WDM (transport, ROADM, long haul submarine line terminating equipment), and packet-optical transport systems (P-OTS). Also tracked: number of ports and revenue per port by speed (Ethernet, SONET/SDH/POS, WDM) from below OC48/STM1 to 100G. Regions: Asia Pacific (breakouts for China, Japan, India), CALA (Central America/Latin America), EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), North America, and worldwide.


Clients: Join analyst Andrew Schmitt for his 3Q11 Optical Network Hardware market telebriefing on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 11:00 a.m. Eastern:


  • Operators name Ciena top optical equipment vendor in new survey
  • White Paper: The 100G era is approaching fast as carriers 'reboot' their optical networks
  • Optical transceiver market up 35% in 1H11 over 1H10; 100G ramp-up will be faster than 40G
  • ROADM WSS component market contracts in 1H11, causing big vendor market share shift
  • Optical network hardware gains 21% year-over-year in Q2, Huawei and ZTE surge
  • OTN survey reveals huge shift in carrier plans for optical switching


Huawei expands lead, Cisco shines in weak quarter for optical network equipment market

Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, November 15, 2011-Market research firm Infonetics Research today released excerpts from its third quarter 2011 (3Q11) Optical Network Hardware vendor market share report.


"Cisco posted a big sequential gain in optical equipment revenue (+46%), as did the vendors who sell into Japan, and WDM equipment sales were up in North America, but outside of this, Q3 was not a strong quarter for the optical network hardware market," observes Andrew Schmitt, directing analyst for optical for Infonetics Research. "A telltale sign of a capex slowdown is when purchases of advanced equipment (WDM) decline and legacy equipment (SDH) increase - this happened in the EMEA region (namely Europe), but not in North America. This is a key trend to watch for in 4Q11; if continued in EMEA this would be a strong negative leading indicator."


  • While down sequentially, Huawei cemented its leadership position in the optical hardware market, with global revenue up 23% compared to the year-ago quarter
  • The global optical network equipment market, including WDM and SDH/SONET equipment, dropped 4% sequentially in 3Q11, from $3.5 billion to $3.4 billion, on the heels of a 12% increase in 2Q11
  • Rolling 12-month spending averages remain positive (despite the uptrend line being broken this quarter), and year-over year, from 3Q10 to 3Q11, the overall optical network equipment market is up 5%
  • The bright spot of the quarter is WDM optical network equipment, global revenue for which is up 18% year-over-year (3Q10 to 3Q11)
  • ROADM network equipment spending set a new high in 3Q11, up 4% sequentially, and shipments are up a stunning 43% for January through September 2011 compared to the same 9-month period last year
  • North America posted modest quarter-over-quarter gains with good performances by Cisco, Nokia Siemens Networks, and ADVA
  • Performance in Asia was a mixed bag with good results in Japan but relatively weak results in China for the overall optical market